The Wappwolf Automator for Box

23 May — Wappwolf today announced the Wappwolf Automator for Box. The company brings easy management of daily tasks with files to users of Box, a cloud based collaboration platform. Box users can now convert documents, print from anywhere, zip / unzip, encrypt / decrypt, share and sync files from within Box.

May 2012

  1. May 04

    Wappwolf Automator now for GDrive

    Wappwolf Automator has processed 1 million files, since we started connecting clouds, like Dropbox, Evernote and Last month alone, over 170,000 photos were automatically synced between Dropbox and Picasa accounts. That is over 5,500 photos in one day. And that comes down to 92 hours a day saved processing photos, or 2,760 hours saved per month. Today we release Wappwolf Automator for G Drive. More power for your G Drive, and more time for you to manage your life better.

April 2012

  1. Apr 12

    Attach Me to Efficiency Through The Wappwolf Automator

    The Wappwolf Automator and is revolutionizing your productivity. Imagine getting rid of the cumbersome E-mail attachments you constantly receive and either replacing them with easy-to-read PDFs or conveniently housing them in your personal Dropbox or Evernote accounts. Now you can do exactly that and process even more - directly through your GMail account.

March 2012

  1. Mar 30

    Dropbox Automator is now The Wappwolf Automator

    Wappwolf today announced that Dropbox Automator is now The Wappwolf Automator. Aside from that the company is bringing intelligent actions to its service, allowing for easy collaboration and added comfort when processing files. The company will also be working with more partners due to overwhelming response to The Wappwolf Automator.
  2. Mar 09

    Einladung zum Pressegespräch: Wappwolf holt private österreichische Anleger an Bord

    Das Austro-Start-up Wappwolf will nach dem überwältigenden Erfolg mit dem Dropbox-Automator weiter wachsen und bietet privaten Investoren die Chance einer finanziellen Beteiligung an. Die Aussichten dafür sind gut. Näheres dazu im Pressegespräch.

February 2012

  1. Feb 17

    Dropbox Automator with New Advancements

    Wappwolf today announced two significant updates for Dropbox Automator, including limited access to Dropbox and new platform integrations from leading partners that enable users more possibilities when processing files and documents.

November 2011

  1. Nov 12

    Wappwolf - 1 click BIG Action - a BOLD vision

    Wappwolf is a cloud based "action store" to automate file handling. It provides a customizable set of “web actions” - i.e. web-based apps from different developers which are connected - that allows users to share and process multiple files by one click. Files can be of any type, actions can be started by users from any device or by using predefined triggers. It increases productivity and saves costs.